When do you need wedding planner


  • You are busy
  • You would like to have creative and unique things on your wedding but meantime You want to be cost-effective
  • You are lost in loads of different wedding suppliers and options
  • You got stuck in the wedding planning process and You have questions arised regarding any elements of the wedding
  • You live abroad but you want to have your wedding in Hungary
  • You do not want to tire your family or friends with wedding planning tasks
  • You do not know the wedding customs and protocol
  • You can not decide about the style of your wedding
  • You do not want to have an old-fashioned, traditional wedding but you want to celebrate your wedding in your own way
  • You want to invite a lot of guests to your wedding
  • You need a unique wedding venue
  • You want to contract with reliable and high quality wedding service providers


If You feel that You need help in any of the above mentioned points, then do not hesitate to contact a wedding planner who fits You and can understand Your needs to make Your dreams real.


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