Wedding planning


In our fast-paced world it is more and more obvious why the couples need a wedding planner and what the wedding planner actually does.

It is a profession.

It is a complex profession which requires expertise, experience, empathy, sensitivity, high level of organisational and problem solving skills, discretion, reliabilty and creativity.

As I usually say: people never try to build their house alone, without professionals. Or people do not try to cure their toothache at home or cut their hair by themselves. Wedding planning is just like the same – It is not worth to start it on a „DIY” way to plan one of the most important milestone of your life.

A wedding planner is there for you from the very beginning. She helps you to find out the details of your dream wedding and keeps everything in one hand until the „Big Day”. A wedding planner never tries to enforce her own will; she just gives advice and creative ideas which totally fit to your personality, to your hobbies, style and actually to the common personal story of the lovers. That is how each wedding becomes a totally different and personalized story, and never a trite mass product.


What else does a wedding planner do?

  • controls the costs
  • helps you to allocate your budget the most efficient way
  • suggests you well-known, tested and professionaly inspected wedding suppliers (e.g. wedding venues, photographers, decorators, musicians and bands, make-up artist, ceremony masters and so on)
  • supervises the work of the wedding suppliers and signs the contracts with them
  • the time-consuming administrative background work
  • knows the possible pitfalls of this industry and helps You to avoid them
  • supports you when you are tired of the organization and decision making process
  • helps to continue the work with a renewed enthusiasm when You feel exhausted


The wedding planner will control everything from the background on your ’Big Day’ and all you have to do is enjoy the precious time and share it with your family and your friends.


All things considered, I think it is crucial that your wedding has to reflect your personality, your taste and style. And the most what the wedding planner can do is that she gives you a strong professional support to make your dream wedding real and unforgettable.

When do you need wedding planner?