Nikol és Zsolti

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We had known and loved each other with my bride for a long time, when we finally decided to get married.

We started the preparations 1 year before the wedding but some months later it seemed that we finished everything. We knew where and when we wanted to get married. And we prepared a guests list. We thought that was all.

As the time passed, we stated to realize that we still have a bunch of small details to decide about. In the end we realized that actually we are kind of lost, so that was the point when we asked for professional help.

Kati made us feel comfortable in this situation and she took over the pressure of the organization. She had many professional and creative ideas to make our big day unique.

After a short consultation, she could offer many things which totally fitted our style. She helped us to find the most appropriate wedding suppliers and she helped us to negotiate every detail with them.

When the Big Day came, we knew exactly what we had to do: nothing, just be happy and free. And share this precious time with our loved ones. Kati and her team were there for us and they handled everything (management of staff, follow the planned scenario, etc.) professionally in the background.

Our wedding was far beyond our former expectations and all we had to do on the big day was to enjoy it because Kati coordinated everything.

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