Erika és Antonio

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My husband and me are very busy, so we did not have time to organize our wedding. That was the main reason why we hired a wedding planner, and one of my friends recommended Kati to us. We could understand each other very well from the first time and our meetings were full of fun and we laughed a lot. We knew that Kati and her team will be the perfect choice for us.

They were so enhusiastic, they never gave up until they found the perfect solutions for us. This was a huge help because the supply in the wedding industry is so huge in Budapest that it is almost impossible to find the most suitable wedding supplier.

They knew the best wedding suppliers and they have many references of them. They always suggested wedding suppliers according to our style – it could spare a lot of time for us. They never tried to force their own style to us and in the end we got a perfect team – from the photographer to the decorator, each wedding supplier perfectly fitted to us.

We had a bilingual (Italian – Hungarian) wedding, so we had to find a ceremony master who can speak both languages. It seemed a very hard mission at the beggining but Kati could solve it and finally we got Istvan and he was a big help during the wedding day.

The situation was a bit difficult because half of the guests was Italian and the other half was Hungarian, which means that they have different traditions and wedding customs. So it was hard to decide how to entertain them during the big day. Kati and her creativity meant a great help to find the proper and fun wedding games for them.

Our Italian guests arrived a couple of days before the wedding, so we wanted to spend the time with them. It did not cause problems to Kati, she handled the last steps with her team and we could spend our time with the guests. The only thing that we had to do was to make a couple of decisions or say ’yes’ or ’no’ – Kati and her team arranged everything by themselves.

Beyond all the help during the planning period, obviously the biggest help was the support and organizational work that Kati accomplished during the wedding day. It was very reassuring to know that somebody keeps everything in one hand in the background and took care of the guests. My family did not have to deal with the reception of the guests; they could enjoy the day just like the other guests.

It is hard to explain how much help we got from Kati but besides the above mentioned things, it was crucial that they took care of such small details that we did not even think of. They were in the background all day, like an invisible conductor.

We were happy that our guests thought the same: they told us that they had never seen such a well organized and smoothly conducted wedding like ours.

Erika & Antonio

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