Barbi és Attila

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6 words: reliability, relevance, style, quality, prfessionalism, sociability

We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to have a wedding planner. We met a couple of wedding planners because we wanted to find the perfect person who fitted our style and personalities. All of them were very nice but when we met Kati, we could feel the difference from the first time. We did not have any doubts that she had to be our wedding planner. Her style, her creative ideas and professional attitude were very convincing. We could understand each other very well.

Our wedding was perfect and we have very good memories about the wedding planning period too. If we could not decide on something, she could always give us useful advice. We can say that we trusted her blindly and we were never disappointed. We felt that our ’big day’ was as important to them as to us.

The first thing why we wanted to have a wedding planner is that we wanted to avoid the background coordination during the wedding. We just wanted to have a relaxed and glad day and share our happiness with our family and friends; and Kati could make this wish come true.

Kati and her team were there for us and they handled everything professionally in the background. We did not even have to ask for anything; they knew what we needed before we even realized. They made us feel comfortable and safe.

Anytime we think back of our wedding day, we say that if we had to do it again, we would do everything in the same way. Everything was as we planned to do it.

Kati and her team was so professional and nice – we will always remember them.

Thank You for everything!

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